Feed A Child Botswana

Feed A Child Botswana is a non-governmental organization founded in August 2012. The organization was formed to address basic nutritional needs of the community focusing on the government’s poverty eradication programs, specifically orphans and vulnerable children and the elderly with ailing health. The organization takes an integrated, sustainable and people driven approach to empower people through proper nutrition.

Feed a Child Botswana’s mission is “to uplift the community through creation of necessary resources to help them make progress in every area that will contribute to an improved standard of life.” The organization’s vision is “to see a community where hindered development (physical, mental and social) and mortality of children due to malnutrition does not exist.”

Currently Feed a Child Botswana serves children, the elderly, pregnant women, and 4 families in Maun, who are identified in collaboration with local clinics. They visit four kgotlas (Boyei, Boseja, Riverside and Thito) daily to provide food and education, using the Aflatot children’s and economic empowerment curriculums. Additionally, they provide meals to their partners, Khwai Private Reserve, Rhino Conservation, and AGLOW to further nourish communities. They also provide donated clothes, blankets, toys, etc. from individuals and groups.

The organization receives funding from and collaborates with a variety of organizations, including: Safari Specialists, Helicopter Horizons, Travel for Impact, Go Fresh, Safari Essence, Mommy’s Angels, The Golden Years, AGLOW, Rhino Conservation, Khwai Conservation Trust, and Startup for Kids.


Location: Boseja near Cross Park, Maun, Botswana

Office Hours: 11 AM-1 PM

Office Phone: +267 73717735

Mail: Private Bag 101 Maun, Botswana

E-mail: feedachildbotswana@gmail.com

Website: Feed A Child Botswana Facebook Page