Gender & Disability Sector


To build a Ngamiland society devoid of gender based or disability based discrimination, that guarantees equal access to wealth creation opportunities, develop a culture that places premium on the protection of the all members of the community, and focuses attention of both public and private sectr on issues that promote full particiaption of men and women regardless of their disabilities. in the national development process. And also to serve as the district vehicle to bring about speedy and healthy development of the Ngamiland men and women and people with main stream of the district and antional development process.

The role of the Gender and Disability sector is:

  1. Welfare, upliftment and economic empowerment and survival of men and women including equalisation of opportunities for peple living with disabilities
  2. Coordinate the efforts of the committee membership
  3. Promotion of human rights for men, women and people living disabilities.
  4. Developing appropriate response action plan to gender and disability issues
  5. Ensuring effective implementation, coordination and evaluation of programmes
  6. Promote Advocacy and Lobbying at community, district and national level for the development/review of policies and legislators
  7. Ensure effective communication and joint planning amongst committee members and relevant stakeholders.

Our Members: