Gumare Counseling Centre (GCC)

The Gumare Counseling Centre (GCC) was founded in 2003 by the Maun Counseling Centre (MCC), a regional branch of the Botswana Christian AIDS Intervention Program (BOCAIP).

GCC continues to be the only non-governmental organization working with the marginalized populations of the Okavango offering voluntary counseling and testing services since the nearest center, Tebelopele Centre, is 250km away in Maun.

When the Centre first began under the guidance of Global Fund in 2004, the GCC worked across the district to offer HIV testing, counseling and education.

Since 2008, the Centre has expanded its focus to include a counseling program focusing on orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). Other services provided by the centre include post-test clubs, kids’ clubs on-on-one counseling and family counseling for orphans and vulnerable children. GCC also sponsored a program for Youth Voluntary Counseling and Testing which was a success.

The Gumare Counseling Centre continues to be the only NGO to provide a leadership role in the Okavango on HIV/AIDS related issues and psychosocial support. Our goal is to reach 20 villages along with many smaller settlements. We are now providing testing for about 200 clients per month, in addition to other counseling activities.


Location: Gumare, Botswana

Telephone/Fax: 6874235

Postal Address: PO Box 446