Masalela A Bodimo Arts Association

Formed in 2012 by out of school youth, Masalela a Bodimo nurtures the talents of youth through traditional dance and theatre. Addressing issues of unemployment, lack of educational opportunities, and social problems affecting youth are within the goals of Masalela a Bodimo’s activities.

Masalela a Bodimo offers entertainment at sporting and cultural events, community outreach, and business training. The members of Masalela a Bodimo perform traditional styles of dance such as, Setapa, Tsutsube, Dikhwaere, Hosana, and Phatisi and offer training on these styles. Masalela a Bodimo also specializes in theatre performance, using it as a means to sensitize audiences on topics of HIV/AIDS, child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, community development, and more. The association’s skills and services also include: theatre directing, script writing, song composing, peer educator training, life skills training, counseling, and facilitation.


Location: Maun, Botswana

Phone Numbers: 77092619

Mail: PO Box 21183 Maun, Botswana

Physical Address: Kgosing Ward, next to Fours Wholesales, Maun


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