Mowana Homeopathy Clinic

The Maun Homeopathy Project offers free homeopathy treatment to people who are struggling with the painful symptoms and stigma of HIV & AIDS.

The beating heart of the project is the Mowana clinic in Maun. This is where the majority of treatment takes place. But the project also offers care to the community through twelve outreach clinics in and around Maun – the mobile clinics travel in a four wheel drive vehicle to the most impoverished and isolated villages.

During each of confidential consultation the homeopath listens to the patient describe their emotional and physical symptoms. They also take into account the additional stresses the patient is facing. While  homeopaths don’t do any physical examinations or tests, they spend one hour listening to the patient and understanding their situation.

Then the homeopath prescribes a course of remedies tailored specifically to the patient, and sets up a series of follow up consultations every 1 to 4 weeks so symptoms can be monitored and the prescription adjusted.


Location: Maun, Botswana (Located at the Lutheran Church)

Telephone: 686 46 60