Ngamiland Creative Arts Network Project

The Ngamiland Creative Network Project was funded by Company and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA) aligns itself with the first of the Objectives of the Fund, to “assist with the development of capacity, quality and diversity of the Creative industry”. Ngamiland is capital for the tourism industry, with that comes opportunities for Creative and performing artists to take advantage of this market and create an equally attractive package for Creative and performing art enthusiasts, by creating an ambience that captures all the different aspects of Creative industries that exist in Maun and Ngamiland at large. The Creative industry needs a platform for networking, coordination and collaboration between key stakeholders to build the capacity within the group.

The project was implemented in partnership with Poetavango, Sedibeng Sa Ditso (SEDDA) and Okavango Arts Association.

 Description of what the project aims to accomplish

  • Increased awareness and knowledge on the value of Creative industries
  • Improved capacity of Creative artists to deliver quality services or products
  • Improve the entrepreneurship skills of Creative artists
  • Increased media presence (social, web, print, radio and tv)

 Progress made towards achieving the results 

The plenary meeting facilitated the start of the quarter and it availed an opportunity to the teams involved – NCONGO, SEDAA, POETAVANGO and OAA to plan together for the entire quarter. Through this meeting, an implementation plan was developed and it was to be followed throughout the quarter.

The project was documented through film or  documentary production and a preview was done for all the implementing organization at The Space Art Gallery in Matlapana. 

The Curriculum development was developed from the previous quarter (Jan – March), five (5) more topics has been developed and completed for this quarter making a total of eight (8) developed curriculum topics. The topics developed and their sub topics are:

  • Business Management
  • Financial literacy
  • Ethics
  • Human resources
  • Online & Digital Platforms
  • History & background of media (Conventional/ traditional media platforms)
  • Creative Portfolio
  • Creative documentation of artistic expressions
  • Intellectual Property (Understanding Creative Business Rights)
  • What is intellectual property?
  • Business Writing (Proposals & Contracts)
  • What is business writing?
  • Confidentiality agreement.
  • Contracts
  • Proposals
  • Concept note

The teams then through all the curriculum components, focused on developing the learning areas chosen above, identifying the gaps, developing the learning outcomes and objectives as well as developing the evaluation and assessment criteria for the chosen learning areas.