BOCAIP Maun Counselling Centre, established in 1999, provides a Christian response to the HIV/AIDS challenge in Botswana. The program contributes to HIV/AIDS prevention and care by promoting behavior change from a Christian perspective and providing care and support for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

The Centre provides voluntary testing and counseling and also houses the community project Motse wa Tsholofelo Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Day Care.

Motse wa Tsholofelo Orphan and Vulnerable Children day care was established in 2000 as a response to the needs of orphans and other vulnerable children in Maun, surrounding villages and settlements. The project is community-based and operates under Maun Counselling Centre. The daycare looks after 52 HIV-affected children aged two to six years-old and their caregivers. It provides educational activities, psychosocial support, meals, caregiver support and home visits to families.

Motse wa Tsholofelo has a huge impact on the lives of the children who attend the daycare and their caregivers. At the centre, children learn to develop social and academic skills that will prepare them for their future – both in school and in the community. The daycare supports orphan and vulnerable children from some of the poorest and hopeless communities in the region. They are malnourished, vulnerable to illness and generally “forgotten children.” The centre provides them with three meals a day, basic education and a chance to play in a safe and friendly environment. Children learn basic social skills and how to interact with others.

As well as meeting the needs of children, the centre also provides social and emotional support for their caregivers. They also offer basic hygiene, medical advice and clothing.


Location: Maun, Botswana

Telephone/Fax: 6865216

Postal address: PO Box 21121, Maun, Botswana