Orphans & Vulnerable Children Sector

The NCONGO OVC Sector is charged with the responsibility of handling CSO
response to all matters relating to the totalwellbeing and development of children of Ngamiland. It is also charged with giving advice to formulating policies, carrying out programs and projects towards the realization of the rights of
children to survival, proper development, protection and participation.
AN orphan in this context refers to a child below 18 years who has lost one (single parent)or (married couple) biological/adoptive parents.

A vulnerable child is a person below 18 years who is in any situation or
circumstance which is or likely to adversely affect his/her physical, emotional, psychological or general well being which prevents the enjoyment of his or her rights and who is in need of protection.


To serve as the district vehicle to build an Ngamiland Society devoid of discrimination, that guarantees equal access to opportunities, develop a culture that places premium on the protection of the OVC, and focuses attention of both public and private sector on issues that promote full participation of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), gender & disability in the national developments.

The role of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children sector is:

  1. Identify training needs
  2. Develop a flaagship program – Highlight OVC needs/
    anything OVC related
  3. Coordinate membership efforts
  4. Partnerships
  5. Networking and Communication

Our Members: